Monday, 24 September 2012

Entering a New Era

Right or Wrong, it's time for Change.

Probably not what you'd expect for a Sunday UFO blog but it has been a hell of a week and it's not going to get better any time soon. It's ironic how adversity makes us sit up and take notice of what is going on, whom we have to deal with and the influence they have on our lives.  

I am sure you've noticed the changes I've made to my blog, it's a personal reminder of change and that sometimes you have to embrace change with all it's faces in order to grow emotionally, spiritually and mentally.  
I am facing some difficult choices that will bring about change, at this moment it all seems very negative and draining on my emotions and spirit, but looking into the past years I realize that the situation I've been dealing with always has been, it's like standing in the hangman's noose waiting for someone to push out the stool from underneath your feet and wondering what's taking so long. 
I also know from past experience that there is an end to my frustration and anger I just have to start dealing with the situation instead of hoping it will get better on it's own. 

Anyway just a few quick updates on my progress, obviously there has not been alot but I have made some...
My first official UFO? :D  The building blocks top for my youngest daughter is complete and has been for nearly a week, I am backing it with the snowman fabric:

I couldn't find anything else that was Boo approved, she is adamant that she will have the snowman backing because in her words "no one else will take care of my snowmens the way I will." Ahh, I said and realized that it really didn't matter, it's hers and she is not going to love it any other way, sometimes I don't get the point right away, but I do eventually get there!

My blocks are all completed and waiting to be sewn together, I did have to stop and pull apart some of the blocks because I wasn't happy with the seams. It's a bit fussy of me I know but I really do want to start seaming my blocks correctly and because of the obvious contrasts with the white and yellow, I felt that well matching seam lines was imperative. 
Speaking of contrasts, without thinking ahead, I discovered that only 4 of the charm squares were going to stand out like sore thumbs because there wasn't ANYTHING  tone them down: 
Very dark!

I did think about pulling them out and changing them with something else, however I had a fit of inspiration and decided to use them as part of an over all pattern,
I also played with the idea of putting the blocks on point.
I quite like the on point style, I just really do not have any other fabric that would match well and pull it all together.
My next step will be piecing the blocks together, I've grouped them into 4's to make this easier and make patterning them easier once I've got the chance to get to the design wall.

You know I did mention repeatedly that my hand work is something less than spectacular, as a matter of fact it is bad enough that my Mother laughed at me :D. So here is a special treat for everyone, just so you can never say I didn't try lol.
My hexie caddy:

Yep, visible seams everywhere, rather less than stellar seam management, and it's saggy all over. I believe the inner caddy part is suppose to look like a hexagon, mine is a rounded triangle! I love it though, it's huge in the middle and will hold over 100 pinmoors (yep I broke down and bought some!), I don't have to worry about losing my pins and I have over 100 in the caddy in the picture and still have a second half to fill up!

It's been filed under the 'endearing' category!

Until next time! Passion in Creation!


  1. I think you will be glad you left the dark squares in your yellow and white quilt. It gives it some dimension and helps it to pop.

  2. I LIKE the dark squares. Like Cinder Gal said, it will make it pop.

  3. Thanks for the comments ladies! I am glad you agree it makes me feel more confident ;D. Without giving too much away, the set of 4 dark squares with be the centre of my quilt top. I totally agree that the 4 dark squares add that smack of pop and dimension.


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