Sunday, 16 September 2012

Did I mention....?


Yes! I love vintage!  LOVE it! I can't express enough how much I love to collect older fabrics, original feedsack, even old sheets and vintage clothes. 
This ballerina fabric was given to me by one of the ladies at the guild and it is 70's make, soft as butter and it snaps! I love hearing that snapping sound, you know you've got good quality when it snaps. 
No clue what I am going to do with it yet, I think I need sometime just to absorb the feel of this sheet, it will eventually tell me what it wants to do lol.

I also got another piece from Gwyn, a good couple metres or better of butterflies & flowers on a periwinkle background, it's gorgeous! Problem is I think it's a linen or a cotton linen blend, I don't have much experience with linens or linen blends, I do know that the hand of this material is significantly different than cottons and is meant for garments BUT that just makes it a challenge to apply to a quilt, I've already had a couple of different ideas pop to mind, an applique piece or some strip blocks. Should be a worthy experiment ;)

I have decided to call this panel quilt "Constellation Bear" and it's complete! I found a interesting navy blue stripped fabric with little white dots that look like falling snow for the binding.
I sure had some trouble binding this quilt, I think I must had been drinking when I wasn't looking or something because I cut some of the strips wrong and then I kept twisting the strips when I tried to finish it... 2 hours I spent last night trying to figure out what I was doing wrong and finally just ended up walking away from it for a while.
I refreshed myself this morning on how to finish binding a quilt (Yay YouTube!) and FINALLY got it right after another hour. 

 This is the quilt top I've been working on at the guild, in previous postings I mentioned that my blue blocks had gone missing for it (Still no clue where they went.) and as you can see, losing the blue blocks was definitely a major setback lol.
I found some blocks that are similar in color to the original blue that I was using, thankfully and I can continue on.
I've had a few problems putting this top together, first the pattern is specific. If I mix up the order of the blocks I have to pull them apart and then put them in proper order. I've done that twice now.. or stitched a strip on upside down :D
Secondly, I have 4 blocks that I had cut a 5 1/4" rather than 5 1/2", Ummm... oops. Obviously I had a strip that was waaaaay to short, more pulling apart and making of new blocks!
And lastly I've run out of red blocks.. thankfully I have more fabric downstairs to make a few more. 
Things I have left to do: 1.) Measure the finished part of the quilt top, obviously my math is completely out to lunch since adding another 4 strips is going to make this quilt really, really, really long.
2.) Cut out more red squares, perhaps my math is on vacation since I can't count either.
3.) Find a backing that is Boo approved, if I remember I'll post a picture of the backing she really wants from my stash, it's cute... but not with this quilt top. (Mint green with skiing snowmen)

Last but not least.. My sunday project: 
You were right Renate!
Last week
I did some jumbling around of blocks since they were not quite up to snuff, these are the 2 that I pulled apart and redid, not perfect but a heck of a lot better!
I left off last week with blocks pieced together similar to the disappearing 9 patch, once I have a few put together I was unhappy with the look of the white blocks, I wanted them to be more prominent since the fabric was so beautiful and I ended up with this:
I am not sure what you would call this pattern, frankly I am just winging it at this point and working this out as I go.
This week

Right now I am just doing the block sashing so I can bring them to the guild and use their design wall to figure out where I want the blocks to go when I start putting it all together.
I have to tell you I am consistent across the board this week when it comes to math. When I had originally worked up my pattern, I had only counted half of the blocks I had made... oh yeah.. you know what that means, I spent a whole day cutting up more fabric for the other half of the blocks LOL. 
The other half.


  1. Those "yellow: blocks look terrific. Set side by side they create a secondary pattern. What would they look like if you set them on point?

  2. Oooh good question! I'll have to play around a bit, I did consider putting them on point and discarded the idea because I don't have enough charm square patches to make the right sized quilt.. BUT I do have all those strips that might work. Hmmmm. Time to go play I think.. pictures later :D


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