Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Another day.... Another excuse to quilt!

I have just discovered there is a good side to heat waves, it gave me the perfect excuse to totally ignore my housework and errands and hibernate in the basement to work on Boxcar Suzie for the last 2 days....
She is almost done! Hurrah! My first foray into free motion quilting has been a real eye opening experience, for the first few weeks I kept making excuses so I could go quilt and feeling guilt because I was doing something I loved. Yeah.. guilt.  
When I finally realized I was sneaking around the house making excuses like an addict would and acting like I was going to be in some serious trouble if I got caught, I kind of cottoned on to the idea that there is a problem with this situation. I spent 2 full days trying to figure out the cause of the guilt, it wasn't like I was ignoring my family, chores or other appointments in favor of sitting down at my sewing machine, (admittedly there was the occasional wistful thought in that direction), nor was I feeding my love of fabric and thread on the sly either.  So I just did not get why I was feeling like that and then it hit me, I have not given myself permission too! Sounds stupid doesn't it?  It's true though, I've been a Mom and a Wife for a decade and I haven't had much time to be just me, it wasn't until 6 months ago I had the epiphany that I could be myself again and everyone who didn't like it could sod right off. 

It's hard to make that transition from dedicated Mom and Wife who is the epitome of Responsibility, Action, Care and Organization to just being Me (or You..). You really do have to tell yourself that the house is not going to collapse, the kids are not going to end up in hospital and your Husband can find his own socks for once as well as make supper (and no he won't blow up the kitchen, I promise.) and you can be you for you for a couple of hours. 
Then you have to learn how to allow yourself to have fun and be fun again, this of course will age your children by 10 years when they finally discover you are a person as well as Mom,  and you are FUN! 
Today I did just that, it was over 30 degrees celcius, the kitchen faces south so it gets ALL the sun during the day and I was not going to wear myself out in the heat just to wash dishes and scrub floors so I took a day off! The kids are out at camp, dear husband was working and I had the whole house to myself for once and I did nothing! Well not nothing, I did say I would volunteer at the food bank, so I was there most of the morning... anyway that's beside the point. Once I got home, I ate a lunch that I like, read a book, sat outside in the shade and then spent the remainder of the afternoon doing what I love to do and that was quilt. I was cool, comfortable and relaxed... definitely a banner day.

Passion in Creation.

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