Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The Lamb and the Lion

March... and it's still snowing.

As they say, In like a lamb and out like a lion.

I'd take a picture outside but it's too depressing, 10 days ago nearly all the snow was melted, sun was shining and you just knew spring was around the corner, heh, this is Canada and that is wishful thinking ;)
Last week we got hit with a 4 day snow storm, snow is back up the the knees and driving on the streets feels like being in tunnels since the piles on the side are as high as the house rooftops. One day I will see grass again, probably in June....

Alchemy from Intrepid Thread 
In the weeks since my last post, I've taken the time to reprioritize, build the ever dwindling stash *nudge, nudge, wink wink* and make sure I've gotten everything I need for my latest project:  Katie's Quilt by Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilt Company.

This project was based off of 5" charm pre-cuts and I don't buy charm packs (usually) since I think personally it is much cheaper and more original/unique to use stash/found treasures or yardage that you simply adore and make it all work together.
I did bow to the yoke of buying yardage, the Intrepid Thread shop carries half yard bundles. I bought the set: Alchemy.
Using quilter's reasoning I determined that it was completely okay to buy this package for my daughter's birthday quilt *nods sagely*
The picture shows the blue half of the bundle which is all I really needed for this particular project, so the red half (same prints in red and gold) will have to be put aside in my stash (oh gee darn...)  

I admit doing all of the cutting myself rather than using charm packs is a heck of a lot of work, I do appreciate all the hard work the lades at MSQC had put into the tutorial and pdf file that explains how to do things from scratch as well as using a charm pack. Made my life much simpler to have all the math done for me.  An idea for quilt cloth companies, 2.5" square towers of assorted solids, I am not feeling the 200+ 2.5" squares I am cutting up for this!

All in all, while I have made progress on multiple projects I am still in the middling stage with most of them, scratching my head and asking myself "What needs to be done next?"

Projects left to finish:

- Fairyland (applique work & border)
- Buzzing Garden (applique work)
-Vintage Scrappy Trip along-  is tripping right along
-Sea of Blue sampler quilt(s)- I am reordering my original plans
- Craftsy BOM Economy block & drafting... -I really am not into this block :/ (Drafting a different one !)
-Katie's Quilt- Nearly completed cutting
-Reminding myself not to start the next project that is haunting my mind until I have atleast 3 finishes!!!

*Phew!  I think that is enough to keep me occupied for awhile!


p.s How you doin'?


  1. Alchemy looks like a great bunch of fabrics. I understand the need for two colourways! ;) ;) I have my own stash building issues! lol Freezing cold here but there is hope if the weatherman knows whereof he speaks. ???

    1. I have been wondering if he does... they have been predicting +0 temps this weekend and the temperature just plummeted to -17 C /facepalm


  2. It is definitely a challenge to keep enough stash to be able to create, but not so much as to have one's creativity stifled by fabrics gone "stale".

    1. I definitely try and choose fabrics that are going to be classic or multipurpose for my stash which is one of the reasons why I usually stay away from buying collections by any particular designer. If I have to buy yardage, it had better match my stash :D I think the Alchemy collection was a good all around buy, if I remember I will take a picture of the red part, the prints are lovely.

      I admit with a cheeky grin that I will be going on a stash buying spree in the future, I have been drooling over a few types of fabric from Ikea that I just MUST have!!! Have to wait until May however :(


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