Monday, 21 January 2013

Skill Building

Practice makes better! (And more scraps 0.o)

Perfection? I doubt I will ever consider myself perfect or even advanced in my skills, there is just simply so many things to learn and to continuously practice. I have been feeling that my piecing & cutting work needs to become more precise and to that end I started doing skill building tutorials & BOM's (Block of the Month, for those not in the know ;D). 
Log cabin
Various 9 patch
For example I have not even attempted a half square triangle yet, or any curved piecing, my attempts at the different styles of paper piecing are at best laughable and I've not really done any of the traditional template piecing; enter Sewn by Leila' s "We can do it" sampler.  So far I have managed to accomplish 4 of each of the log cabins and 9 patch, the churn dash block is up next and I am very excited to give it a try, some of the quilt tops I've drawn up will require HST's to create the pattern so while I like my ideas I do not have the skill yet to tackle them.

I am also doing the craftsy 2013 BOM, I don't know if I will have the patience for this!!!!!!  I want all the blocks on a weekly basis!!! Gosh darn it all.. 
No you do not need to adjust your monitor color display, nor your eyes, that is BRIGHT vibrant orange :)! I got sent some of the inner square vintage fabric, a beautiful 70's floral in citrus orange/yellow and green. This sampler will be strictly those colors and the fab vintage cream sheeting I am using with it.  It should be simply eye blinding when I am done, so exciting!! Oh before I forget, do sign up for this BOM if you are a beginning or even need a few pointers the instructor Laura Nownes pointed out many things that I completely did not know or had missed, she also walks you through on how to properly cut your fabric as well as how to get perfectly square blocks. Well worth the time!

I also whipped up the first of 2 quilts for a particular pair of special young ladies. Since I was practicing my patch work, I thought I might as well carry on and knock one of these off the start list.  There is a bit more work yet to be done, I am very pleased with the starting base, it has set the proper tone for the rest of the work. (I am not telling.. you have to wait :D)

Last on my list is my Dad's quilt, which I had planned on having completed this week. Instead I kept getting this:
This Quilt has been Sphinx approved!

My damn cat thinks it's his personal bed. He hasn't left it except for pressing cat business in a week. I'd be worried but our other cat chases him around so he gets exercise :D

Every time I think I can finish it, I just don't have the heart to boot him out of his comfy place lol.

That's it for this week... sooo... how you doin'?

Passionately waiting and working,



  1. Wow, you are productive...looking good ! Yes, lots to learn, but judging by your speed, you will whip through it. Just keep going..more precision will come with time..

  2. Hahaha, silly dang cats! I love your log cabins, I think your BMO quilt will be cool.

  3. LOL, cats are funny! Great projects on the go, Chris!

  4. My cats think I make quilts exclusively for their personal benefit. You've been very productive! I did a skill builder sampler once, and my skills got way better. And your bright orange is fabulous!


  5. I've looked at the 2013 BOM too as I need to start getting some practice and skill sets. It's tempting:)

  6. Your skill building blocks look fantastic! I love the vibrant orange; our work might as well pop out....right??? I've been quilting for over 25 years, and still have all kinds of things to learn. So; no feeling You will learn it all in time.

  7. Practice makes perfect, well perfect practice makes perfect. lol But it is amazing how one improves just sewing straight patches. The rest will come. :)

  8. I understand your cat problem, just pressed around one of my cats......

  9. Cat problem here too! ;). Cats & Quilters go hand in hand! The basic traditional blocks will build our skills. We sometimes overlook them! I will have to check out that BOM!

  10. no matter how long you quilt there are always new or even old traditional techniques to learn and try out. I love sewing triangles, half square, quarter square and even the long narrow ones -- one time is perfect and next time not quite so. It is an adventure everytime you sit down to sew. Like Regina I often have to hold my cat's tail up in order to press seams with out ironing him! Cats just like sewing rooms I guess.


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