Friday, 3 August 2012

In honour of the Olympic Spirit..

Marathon Quilting!

It is done! Complete! Yep, I marathoned on this one, 12+ hours to finish the quilting and the binding process all in one day. I needed it out of my workspace, I felt like this project was draining all of my creative thought and energy. Hopefully in the next short while I will have some fresh pictures of the completed quilt, I didn't get a chance to take any since I was up until 2am so I could get it washed and hung (part of the service you know ;D) and then straight to bed without even a thought of taking a picture, or rather there was thought it was just very foggy lol. My friend showed up early this morning to pick it up so I was up early and suffering sleep deprivation, I did get out of my fugue long enough to request that she take pics and email them to me, bonus!  

However there is a silver lining to my dark cloud, for some reason my thought process tends to be more along the creative lines when I am suffering lack of sleep, I have finally had a break through on the butterfly garden and what I am going to quilt it with! So exciting!  I can now lay this project to rest in my mind once I have it all sketched out and just in time too, I have another quilt top that I am building at the Guild for my youngest daughter and by the time I am complete with quilting the butterfly garden, I will have the other quilt sandwiched and ready to go for quilting. 

Not only that, I have all of the fabrics I need to begin my eldest daughter's quilt (Yep 3 girls) and I think I am feeling rushed to complete everything else just so I can get started on that one, I am super excited about the colors I have chosen and the pattern, I showed her the pattern and she fell instantly in love! Happy dance time!

Well I am off and running to go clean the house (bleh :P) 

Passion in Creation!

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  1. Looks great. Hopefully you will manage to put up some pictures of the whole quilt soon.


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